Importance And Writing Guidelines Of Footnotes And Endnotes In Essays

Footnotes And Endnotes
Do you have extra information to include in your essay? If yes, then adding footnotes and endnotes in the essay is the best way to add that information. These two let you add any extra information you have, and you cannot add that directly to the essay. Both are important elements of an essay. However, there are many students who do not know how to write the footnotes and endnotes. This guide is especially for those students. In today’s post, we will learn about the importance and writing guidelines of these two elements. So, let’s start with the importance of both.

What Are Footnotes and Endnotes?

Endnotes and footnotes are types of annotations used in academic and scholarly writing to provide additional information or commentary on a specific part of the text. Endnotes are typically placed at the end of a document or chapter, while footnotes appear at the bottom of the page where the note is referenced. Both types of notes usually contain supplementary information, references, or clarifications that are relevant to the main text. Endnotes and footnotes are often used to cite sources, explain technical terms, provide background information, or offer insights into the author's thought process. They are an important tool for enhancing the clarity and credibility of scholarly writing.

Why Is Adding Footnotes And Endnotes Important?

Endnotes and footnotes are two important elements of an essay. In order to compose an effective essay, you need to write them carefully. However, you can only write them carefully when you know their importance. Hence, the points that highlight its importance are as follows:
  • Endnotes and footnotes indicate that the essay is authentic. The reason is that these are mostly used as an alternative to citing.
  • Footnotes and endnotes support the claim that you have made in the essay by pointing to the sources you have used.
  • They are very helpful in adding new information to the essay topic and explaining the topic a bit more.
  • Endnotes and footnotes provide the teacher with an idea of your research and referencing skills. He understands the extensiveness of the research carried out by you.
  • They also help the teachers go deep into the research and see whether you have used credible sources in writing the essay or not.

Writing Guidelines For Adding Footnotes And Endnotes In An Essay

Endnotes and footnotes are basically the same things. The only difference between them is that footnotes come at the end of the page, and endnotes come at the end of an essay. To write footnotes and endnotes in an essay, you need to follow some guidelines. Some of those writing guidelines are as follows:

Symbols And Superscripts

Within the text of an essay, both endnotes and footnotes are announced using some kind of symbols or superscripts. For footnotes, mostly the symbols like asterisks (*), a dagger, a double dagger, or a section mark are used. The endnotes are mostly represented using superscripts. Hence, this is the first writing guideline that you must follow. However, if you still find any difficulty in using them, you can get help from a reliable cheap essay writing service.

Numbered Footnotes And Endnotes

Endnotes and footnotes are also sometimes represented using numbers. However, there are two cases when using numbers for footnotes. When you are numbering the footnotes, the number sequence either begins afresh on each page or is continued with the previous number throughout the essay. It is up to you which style you want to go for. On the other hand, endnotes are always numbered and follow a continuous sequence.

Headings For Endnotes And Footnotes

Many students remain confused about what heading they should give for footnotes and endnotes. Well, there is no such guideline available for footnotes. When you put additional information at the end of the page of an essay, it is understood that they are footnotes. However, the endnotes are represented by a heading as they come at the end of the essay. The heading for endnotes is “Notes”. Do not give the “Endnotes” heading at all.

Footnotes And Endnotes For Tables

Sometimes tables are part of an essay, and you need to give additional information about a column or row in the essay. So, how do you do it? Well, the guidelines for this kind of scenario are that you should add the footnotes at the end of the table, not at the end of the page. In the meantime, the location of the endnotes remains the same, which is at the end of the essay.

Advantages Of Using Endnotes And Footnotes

  • Footnotes guide readers quickly about the citation used in the essay.
  • Footnotes are very easy to locate. Their permanent location is the end of a page.
  • Endnotes are not much distracting because they come in a separate part of an essay.
  • Readers can read all the endnotes at once.

Disadvantages Of Using Endnotes And Footnotes

  • Footnotes sometimes confuse the readers because too many footnotes clutter the page.
  • To read the endnotes, the readers need to go to another part of the essay, which creates problems in understanding.
  • If there are multiple charts and tables in your essay, the footnotes will take most of the place on the page.


Conclusively, footnotes and endnotes contain extra information about something you have discussed in your essay writing task. As a researcher, you must familiarise yourself with these two. In this guidepost, we have discussed the top writing guidelines for writing them. Hence, read all of the guidelines mentioned above and learn about their advantages and disadvantages.

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